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Conversion and production of eBook files

I promote the advantages of the eBook format for Schools and Businesses.

I create eBook files from material supplied.


Q – What is the common denominator for these devices?

  • Smartphones
  • Iphones
  • Ipads
  • Kindles and Nobos etc
  • PC’s and Macs

A – The eBook format is easily read


With so many devices available to your Students and Customers, what are they reading?

They could be reading your information!


Q – Why so?


  • It’s an easy reading format - variable page / font size
  • Conveniently stored on your / their device
  • Often ‘always in their pocket’
  • Simply emailed or downloaded
  • Chargeable for premium content
  • With photos – colour depending on your device
  • With active hyperlinks depending on your device
  • Searchable text functions, plus spellings
  • Audio and video on iPad and future devices


Q – What kind of files could I offer in eBook format?


  • Student course information – syllabus, exemplar information, timetables, weblinks, course reading.
  • Stories, poems, interviews
  • Customer information – brochures, newsletters,
  • Business reports and accounts.


Q – where do I get help?


Laurence Moss is an ex-teacher who can convert your text into ebook format.


Have a free trial.      Email me for more details       More details of me


Hereford Times offer - I will convert your story / poem / text etc into the eBook format of your choice, free of charge if you make a donation to Children in Need - offer available until end of November.